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***BREAKING NEWS*** Chito Diaz appeal was denied by the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Download our Press Release/Response HERE

*NEWS*: Click HERE to listen to the Oral Arguments for Chito's case before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

*NEWS RELEASE*: LEOAC Calls for Immediate Release of BP Agent Diaz DOWNLOAD HERE

*TNA: With Judge's Comments, Calls to Free Jailed Border Agent Grows
To read Alex Newman's latest story in The New American Magazine addressing Agent Chito Diaz' appeal and a stunning comment from the judges panel Click HERE

*WND: Judge on Border Agent: Looks Like Misdemeanor
To read WND Reporter Bob Unruh's latest story including the stunning comments from a judge at Agent Chito Diaz appeal Click HERE

***News: Pardon BPA Chito Diaz Petition - DOWNLOAD HERE***

***Case Flyer - Download HERE***

***UPDATE*** We've uploaded a new video where you can learn about the case and how you can help. Visit Video Clips to learn more

**NEWS** U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter's to President Obama; Signed by 37 Congressman who want answers about the BPA Diaz case-- DOWNLOAD HERE***

**Case Document** The Document (OPR Summary), published by, that led DOJ to request that all Diaz Discovery Material be sealed DOWNLOAD OPR SUMMARY HERE

**NEWS**: U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter's 2nd letter to A.G. Eric Holder; Questions $7,000 fine against BPA Diaz-- DOWNLOAD HERE

**NEWS** U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter's letter to A.G. Eric Holder; Demands Answers on BPA Diaz Case-- DOWNLOAD HERE***

Case Info: Welcome to the website hosted by the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council. LEOAC is the sole entity legally authorized by Jesus and Diana Diaz to represent them. We are the best source of information when it comes to bad government persecutions by way of prosecutions in what we call the "War on Law Enforcement". The Diaz case has continued a pattern that goes back as far as the Clinton Administration.

We have added a new video addressing the case and "How You Can Help!". Please visit our News/Video Clips Page where you can review news stories and interviews discussing the Diaz case that are up to date on this case. Also, we have uploaded the letter from U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter to Attorney General Eric Holder questioning the Dept of Justice about this travesty of a prosecution.

Included is the latest story in The New American Magazine by Andy Ramirez. He exposes "The War on the Border Patrol", which continues to be waged on America's law enforcement officers by the U.S. Department of In-Justice. In addition to the BP Agent Jesus Diaz case, Andy exposes a few other cases you may not be as familiar with. A common link, Johnny Sutton. Also, added coverage by Andy of the Bond hearing where Agent Diaz was denied bond by Judge Alia Moses Ludlum. We also have a "Feedback Center" where you can send e-mails addressing the case, including letters of support to the family.

We need your help in raising funds to pay for new legal counsels who Mrs. Diaz has met with for the appeal. We've recommended distinguished counsels who are highly experienced in such cases having assisted with the appeal of former BP agent Jose Compean as well as others. The agents' union has offered a take it or leave it law firm to the Diaz family. Visit our donation page to help lead this fight so we can win the war in the court of public opinion.

Case Background: Jesus Enrique Diaz, Jr., a Border Patrol Agent, was maliciously prosecuted at the request of the Mexican Consul in Eagle Pass, Texas. After a thorough independent review, we concluded that this case was pushed in order to hand the Mexican Government a Border Patrol agent's scalp. It was solely motivated by politics and is yet another example of prosecutorial abuse and misconduct while protecting Mexico's narco-terror influences. The sole issue here is Agent Diaz was accused of pulling on the handcuffs of a doper while allegedly questioning him about a dope load. The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas who prosecuted this case for the Department of In-Justice painted the doper as a poor victim selling drugs to make money for his family. When this case first began, between 1 and 2am Central Time on October 16, 2008, the U.S. Attorney was none other than Johnny Sutton who left DOJ on April 19, 2009. His Chief Deputy was appointed by Obama as U.S. Attorney and continued the case.

Sutton's office previously prosecuted Border Patrol Agents Gary Brugman, Jose Compean, and Ignacio Ramos, FBI Special Agent in Charge Hardrick Crawford, Edwards County Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez, as well as Celerino 'Cele' Castillo a retired DEA Agent who blew the whistle on the Iran-Contra scandel.

Agent Diaz has served for 9+ years in the Border Patrol. His wife Diana has been a BP agent for 15 years and currently is a Field Operations Supervisor (FOS). They have 4 children together, including an infant born in March 2011. Mr. Diaz also has 2 children from his previous marriage. Numerous family members also serve in law enforcement in Texas and New Mexico.

We will soon post a number of documents including Agent Diaz' trial transcripts. (see bottom of page for documents, transcripts, and exclusive footage not available anywhere else).

To summarize, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and his minions used an extremely weak charge, claiming Agent Diaz violated the civil rights of an illegal alien doper under the color of law. Sutton and his successor under the Obama Administration then put the full weight of the Justice Department behind this prosecution, solely to give the Mexican Government a Border Patrol Agent's scalp. Law enforcement officers commonly pull on a perps or suspects handcuffs. If this is the new standard for a 10 year prison sentence, then all departments either need to be questioned by the DOJ about this, or they need to support Agent Diaz' appeal and his family's quest for justice.

If retired Chief and current Congressman Silvestre Reyes, CBP Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar (Chief of the BP from 2004 to 2009), current COBP Mike Fisher, and every last manager at the Border Patrol have pulled on the handcuffs of a suspect, then they need to be held similarly accountable for this is the precedent that DOJ and the Federal Courts have established.

Victims of the War on Law Enforcement - Partial List

Thank you For Your Support

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